Themed Events

You Dream It, We Bring It To Life!!

Plan the event of your dreams.  Choose from one of our themed party plans or customize your own. themed parties include movie night, E-Sports Event, VR Event and more.  Just bring your imagination and we will do the rest.




Leagues & Tournaments


Create your own E-Sports league/tournament or create your own single/multiplayer franchise and join one of the live national tournements held weekly or our very own E-Sports Events.

 Host your own personalized tournaments. You come up with the rules, Game, Setup etc. and let us do the rest or create and manage your own E-sports franchise. The Choice is Yours!!

Have a massive indoor/outdoor tournament complete with 15 foot screens, or keep it simple and host online. You can even create a league online and we will plan out your very own playoff/championship party live.


Bring The Magic Home!!

Host The Movie event of a Lifetime. Let us tailor the event to your needs. Whether it be a 3d movie or traditional HD, indoors or outdoors we have everything you need to make this a movie night to remember!!


Virtual Reality

Turn Your Dreams Into a Virtual Reality!!

The Most Immersive Audio/Visual experience imaginable. You can see the seven wonders of the world, journey the solar system or get your guns out to fight robots and zombies with your HTC Vive controllers. Use the world as your canvas and create the most amazing art in 3d space. All from the comfort of your home. Be prepared to be blown away!!!


VR Golfing Event

Bring The Competition Indoors!!

 Dont give up golfing just because the winter months have come. Let us cure your golf jones. Come Play, tour and battle your friends in the most realistic VR golf simulator available.


Go for the greens in the VR event of a lifetime!!!

Nascar Racing Event

Life’s Too Short To Drive Slow Push It To The Limit!!

Fully immersive VR Nascar Racing event. Feel the speed with two full custom racing rigs, two state of the art computers paired with two HTC Vive VR headsets.


Customize your own  event, league/tournament and batlle your friends or join one of our upcoming events.  Put the pedal to the metal and see if you have what it takes to go the distance. 


“You win some, you lose some, you wreck some” — Dale Earnhardt

Interactive Learning Event

Educational experience of a Lifetime!!

You Choose from our Many Services to customize your very own interactive learning event. 


Use Tilt Brush to create your own 3d art or Google Earth VR to travel anywhere on earth in a fully immersive environment.


Go on a space journey with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon With our Apollo mission simulator, tour the worlds greatest pieces of art in our VR Museum of Fine Art or challenge your imagination in Fantastic Contraption.


Unbelievable experience for adults and amazingly educational for the kids. This is an amazing experience for all ages.  

Interactive Sports Event

Live the Fantasy!!

Host your very own interactive sports event.  Choose from our selection of VR sports titles to create your perfect interactive sports experience. Compete against your friends in everything from HR derby, Boxing, Golf, Tennis, Ping pong and more.


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